water treatment

water treatment
and filtration

A good water source is a must when irrigating but what's more important is the quality of the water. High iron, high salinity, PH (High/low) these are all common water conditions that can affect your soil profile over time. At Bob’s Irrigation Services we work hard to work with teams that can help guide our clients to a better solution.


So how does Irrigation help fix these common issue? The simple answer is by treating the water before it reaches the soil. We can advise our clients on both fertiliser and chemical distribution through the irrigation system, or filtration. Both methods work rell to reduce and help manage your soil profile. 

Bob’s Irrigation Services can organise soil test, water treatment tests & also provide an action plan, so you’re never just taking a swing and hoping for the best. 

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Residential Irrigation has a lot of different considerations such as:

Water Testing

Water Testing

Product Advice

System Advice

Installation Services

System Installation

Maintenance Services


Project Management

Project Management

Bob’s Irrigation Services can organise a water & soil analysis and produce a 12mth plan for you to follow giving you complete peace of mind.

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