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Pumps are the hardest working asset in any irrigation system and deserve to be cared for. Bob’s Irrigation has come across a variety of different pump setups from your basic home pressure pump to cloud-based smart pumps that work in conjunction with different sensors and other pumps. The one thing all these pumps have in common is their need for maintenance. Our team has qualified electricians that specialise in building and designing pumps to suit your applications, and they can also back it up by maintaining your pump so you get the most life out of your pump.

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When you select a pump, there are a lot of considerations to take into account. Water source, suction lift, flooded suction, filtration, water quality, power requirements, the required duty point, just to name a few. 

Did you know you can also monitor your pumps remotely? This isn’t an option for your average household pump, but if your pump/s service a high priority system, then Bob’s Boys have every solution you need and the experience in installing on hand.

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Pump Repairs and Solutions have a lot of different considerations such as:

System Design

System Design

Product Advice

Product Advice

Filtration Solutions

Filtration Solutions

Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud-based Solutions


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Bob’s Irrigation Services can organise a water & soil analysis and produce a 12mth plan for you to follow giving you complete peace of mind.

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As the world of pumps gets smarter and the convenience of managing your assets off-site is of more value to you than the stress of dealing with a failed pump and a dying landscape, then looking into the option of going cloud-based may just open up doors that you haven’t considered before.


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