Commercial irrigation often involves multiple contractors and tradesmen to deliver a project. This can be time consuming, stressful & costly. Bob’s Irrigation Services is your go to contractor for your Irrigation System. We work seamlessly with all contractors by maintaining a high level of communication so no one is left wondering what's going on.

Automatic garden watering system with different sprinklers installed under turf. Landscape design with lawn hills and fruit garden irrigated with smart autonomous sprayers at sunset evening time


Just like a commercial project where there are a lot of different trades work on a common goal, Bob’s is taking an approach where we surround ourselves with different industry experts. We have taken this approach so that we can deliver a solution to our clients. 


Bob’s Irrigation is an experienced provider that have been operating in the irrigation industry for 18 years and has more than 70 years of combined experience. We have proven ourselves by delivering reliability, accountability & solutions for our clients.

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Commercial Irrigation has a lot of different considerations such as:

Project Management

Asset Management

System Design

Irrigation design and installation

Product Advice

Irrigation consultancy

Irrigation audits

Irrigation maintenance


Bob’s Irrigation Services can organise a water & soil analysis and produce a 12mth plan for you to follow giving you complete peace of mind.

Bobs 12 Months

Bob’s Irrigation has had experience managing projects ranging from a few thousand to upwards of $500 000. Our clients will often talk about how easy we are to work with, or how refreshing it is to have a team that works beside them and is not just driven by a completion date.

Our team have training that includes trade qualifications, task-specific training, and high-risk training all so we can deliver on your goal.

Our services don’t just focus on irrigation, we also offer maintenance and asset management. Bob’s Irrigation can deliver turnkey solutions that have cloud-based solutions, fertigation, water filtration and advanced pumping services solutions. We can achieve these outcomes because of the team we surround ourselves with and that’s the real difference behind the success at Bob’s Irrigation Services.

Irrigation of the green grass with sprinkler system.


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