When we put so much time, effort and money into designing the perfect landscape we can often forget about what’s required to keep it healthy.

Fertigation systems have many roles when it comes to their capabilities, but where fertigation is becoming rapidly adopted, is in the residential and commercial sector for its ability to distribute fertiliser through the irrigation system.

Fertigation System


Fertigation is the application of adding water-soluble fertilisers either granular or liquid through your irrigation system.
Feeding your landscape is quite important and often not considered in the health of your landscaping. With a fertigation system, you can irrigate and feed your landscape all at once saving time and money.
Bob’s Irrigation Services offers not only the installation but also supply fertiliser and maintain the fertigation units.

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Using a fertigation system in conjunction with a well-tuned irrigation system

Reduce Fertiliser Wastage

Can help to reduce
fertiliser wastage

Reduce water usage

Water Source

Improve soil conditions

Plant Growth and Development

Assist in plant growth
and development

Decrease Diseases in Landscapes

Decrease diseases in

Reduces Labour Cost

Reduces labour cost

Apply different fertiliser throughout the year to match
the season.

Treat soil conditions like hydrophobic soils, clay soils,
sodic soils & others.


At Bob’s Irrigation Services, we aim to deliver only the best to our customers with world-class service and accountable workmanship. Our goal is to deliver outstanding fertigation systems and other irrigation solutions to our customers while providing professional, high-quality service. With experience in a wide range of projects, from residential to commercial and beyond, Bob’s Irrigation Services have the skills and trusted reputation to provide you with a reliable, quality irrigation system to suit your needs. When you choose to work with Bob’s Irrigation for your fertigation systems and other irrigation solutions, you choose to work with a team known for quality, reliability and professionalism. Call Bob’s Irrigation Services today for an obligation-free chat to discuss your irrigation and fertigation system needs or any other general enquiries you may have.

Bob’s Irrigation Services can organise a water & soil analysis and produce a 12mth plan for you to follow giving you complete peace of mind.

Bobs 12 Months

There are many challenges faced when considering a fertigation system. For residential fertigation, local councils have many requirements in the type of fertiliser allowed to be used through your irrigation system. Bob’s Irrigation are well versed in the local requirements and regulations so there is no fear and no hassle when engaging with Bob’s Boys.

Did you know that Bob’s Irrigation Services is the Leading distributor of Ezyflow Fertigation units for South East Queensland?


Bob’s Irrigation Services offers you a wide range of skills and services, not limited to irrigation. With decades of experience in the industry, we can advise and deliver solutions in irrigation, filtration, water sprinklers, pumps, water automation, water filtration, fertigation systems and more. With Bob’s Irrigation Services, you receive nothing short of excellent workmanship, no matter the task. What’s more, we can work on projects of any size, from residential sprinkler systems to entire irrigation solutions for commercial properties and estates. No matter the project’s scope, Bob’s Irrigation Services will exceed your high expectations. To find out more about everything Bob’s Irrigation Services can do for you, take a look at our services.


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