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Across Queensland


GemLife Lifestyle Resorts

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Designed specifically for over 50’s, GemLife Lifestyle Resorts provide luxurious residential housing with “Country Club” facilities for the exclusive use of residents.

With such a strong focus on their exceptional, first-class recreational facilities and beautifully designed, low-maintenance homes and gardens, Gemlife has recognised the importance of partnering with professional contractors such as Bob’s Irrigation Services.

Bob’s Irrigation Services is proud of their relationship with the management team from GemLife.

Situated at prime locations across Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales, GemLife over-50s lifestyle resorts give their residents the freedom to live the best years of their life in beautiful surrounds. Our work at GemLife locations has included the supply and install of significant lawn and garden watering projects, fertigation systems, and the installation and continued management of stable automated pump and watering solutions.

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